Pictures of obama flirting at mandelas funeral

And obama is half white re: pictures of pres obama flirting with the danish pm in south africa by nobody: 8:51pm on dec 10, 2013 obama scored so low on this, for mandela's sake, why all that snapping and hugging at a funeral i am disappointed of course, american slaves on nairaland will chastise me, after all. The photographer who snapped the instantly viral photo of president barack obama posing for a “selfie” with other world leaders during the memorial service for nelson mandela said first lady michelle obama was not at all upset by her husband's actions agence france-presse photographer roberto. Say what you will about “the selfie seen around the world,” but the most juvenile thing to emerge from wednesday's memorial service for nelson mandela is the notion that barack obama was flirting with thorning-schmidt, and that michelle obama was mad about it andrea peyser, at the new york post. Did obama breach memorial etiquette judge for yourself.

Once again, it's all about him cameron and the denmark pm are just as bad for once, michelle showed some class. Us president barack obama speaks at the memorial service for former south african president and anti-apartheid leader nelson mandela, at fnb stadium in johannesburg, south africa, december 10, 2013 nearly 100 heads of state and roughly 100,000 mourners attended the service for mandela who. Did someone expect a spokesperson or the first lady to say, my husband was flirting with the hot blonde and so when he left, i moved so there would be in this post, obama and the pm are laughing and talking during the funeral, and then the next pic shows michelle, who has a bitchy resting face, so the.

Among the enduring images from nelson mandela's massive memorial service in johannesburg tuesday will be one of a jovial president obama taking a cell phone pic with his seat-mates, denmark's prime minister helle thorning-schmidt and britain's david cameron. At the memorial service for nelson mandela today, michelle obama was photographed looking not amused with her husband and his friendly relationship with the very pretty anyways, that's three or four shots of michelle obama looking mildly irritated that a lady is speaking or flirting with her husband. Of all photos of nelson mandela's funeral, these may somewhat be the most important danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt, who has a reputation for being a 'a husbad snatcher' seems to be flirting with the us president, barrack obama michelle obama, on the other hand, looks really, really irritated.

Please join the exciting forum of the jewish task force (jtf) http:// facebookcom/cruzfor2016ref=hl please join our ted cruz for president. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a selfie just might break the bankthere's no denying that 2013 is the year of the selfie, and it seems even world leaders can't resist the phenomenonpresident barack obama was seen by an afp/getty images photographer taking a selfie with danish. Michelle obama got jealous and made obama switch seats at nelson mandela memorial 10122013 us president barack obama, uk prime minister david cameron, and denmark's pm helle thorning-schmidt take an impromptu selfie at the memorial for nelson mandela prime minister of thailand flirts with obama. The us media is up in arms over their president's behaviour at nelson mandela's memorial earlier this week.

Pictures of obama flirting at mandelas funeral

But michelle obama is clearly not happy about it - and shows a face of thunder as she watched hubby barack obama flirting up a storm with pretty danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt these hilarious pictures - captured at the nelson mandela memorial service in south africa - show the us.

  • Getty images looks as if somebody will be sleeping on the oval office couch for a while first lady michelle obama gritted her teeth in rage monday as her husband treated nelson mandela's memorial like a justin bieber concert, openly joking with the pretty blond prime minister of denmark in the middle.
  • Twitter fury over dave's selfie with obama and a flirty dane: backlash over leaders' picture at mandela memorial service that left michelle very like a bunch of giggling teenagers, they grinned as they bunched together, the scandinavian blonde flirting and pulling mr cameron closer into shot, for a.

A case of contagious insanity broke out amid the solemnity of nelson mandela's funeral when world leaders took center stage minister david cameron, danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt and president obama pose for the now- infamous selfie, beside an irritated-looking michelle obama. Tweeted a photo of danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt taking a selfie with us president barack obama and uk prime minister david cameron during nelson mandela's memorial service thirty- michelle obama was depicted as furious at president obama for flirting inappropriately with thorning- schmidt. The rumor arose over photos of the obamas that were taken at nelson mandela's memorial service in johannesburg on tuesday the photos drew an immediate response on social media, as users suggested that michelle obama had forced the president to switch seats for flirting with thorning-schmidt. The us media and various numbskulled twitterati breathlessly reported president obama's social interaction with the other heads of state who attended mandela's funeral as “presidents gone wild11″: flirting with danger michelle obama teaching a master class on keeping tabs on your man.

Pictures of obama flirting at mandelas funeral
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